#MyEmptyPlate Challenge

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Goal: $10,000
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On an empty stomach, I can’t…

Focus.  Learn.  Grow.  Chronic hunger can make you feel dizzy, light-headed, cranky, or tired.

Imagine how difficult it would be to go about your day on an empty stomach.  Could you concentrate in class?  Could you practice rugby?  Jam out in band?  Contemplate the meaning of life?  


But I can…

Join the Empty Plate Challenge to help raise awareness and funds for kids in need! Carry an empty plate to symbolize an empty stomach and attempt your daily activities.  How hard will it be to go about your day with an empty plate?


Together we can fill hungry kids’ plates…

Our goal is to collectively raise $10,000 for hunger relief in Larimer County.  YOU can help us provide over 7,500 nutritious after school meals and snacks for kids!  


Getting started…

Decorate and personalize your plate.  Take photos and video throughout your day showing the challenges you face because of your empty plate.  Upload your images and personalize your Classy fundraising page. Then share your page with family and friends using email and social media.


Call to action…

Be sure to include why you are joining the campaign on your page.  Encourage your family and friends to support your cause by donating or creating their own page!  Raise funds with a lemonade stand, car wash, doing extra chores, mowing lawns, etc! 


For every $1 donated the Food Bank can provide $5 of food!


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